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May 12, 2006
Miami, Fl
Franke Evolution SuperAuto

Hi Andrew,
I am interested in the Evolution (superauto), in terms of reliability.
I don't want to get drawn into the super vs. manual debate, rather more interested in any info I might not have heard about this machine's efficency.


Nov 3, 2004
Hello Andrew,

I have had favorable past experiences with the Evolution - all of Franke's offerings, for that matter.

However, you should be aware that the name brand reliability of your equipment is only one of the many factors that you need to conisder; proper planning is essential to ensure that the application is successful. Often times, I find that machinery takes the blame "this machine does not work right!" when truthfully, it was never suited for the environment in the first place.

I wrote an article about this a while back that can be found on our website here: Choosing a Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Although written in the context of selecting a traditional machine versus automation (which I understand is not the case here), many of the same points remain applicable.

Best of success,



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Feb 23, 2006
St. Johns, Michigan
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We are opening a drive thru and a salesman is trying to sell us a super automatic...actually two. I have a problem thinking that these two machines will keep up with 100-200 cups at peak time? Am I wrong and what would you suggest?


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Jun 12, 2006
I have two Franke evolution 2 step machines. They have performed very well for us. They have "cards" that you slide in to program the machines operation as you see fit. The buttons on the front can be changed to whatever function you like.

They have a "add on" to make them 1 step where the machine also does the milk froth for you... but I've been advised to stay away from that version.

We have one machine for the drive thru & one for the lobby. They do not have a problem for us keeping up...but I must say I've never ran 100 cups straight thru one after another. Probably around 20 to 30 continousily is what I've done so far.

Bean Tech

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Jun 28, 2006
The franke evolution is made for about 250 cups a day, now with the routine pm's and filter changes you should have no problems with this machine. I service these machines often and 90% of the problem is from employee misuse and the quarterly pm's not being done becuase the location doesn't want to pay for the service. They are also making some improvements such as the mixing valve mount is going to be made out of metal rather then plastic. Also try to stick with the 2 step machine, as a service tech and sales rep, the 1 step evolution is just a headache I wish that I could avoid. They need cleaning every night but still somehow get clogged.


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Jan 2, 2014
Ok I know this is an old post but... there is a12 month old Franke Evolution up for grabs at $1550 and was wondering.. Is that ridiculously cheap for this type of used machine or is the repair bill putting the fear of God in everyone who may consider it?