free Sumatra bean samples

I do not believe in the four letter F word...whats the catch? I do not want any just like to keep up with all the gimmicks going around.
I would like to believe in the four letter "F" word.... like if I offer to help someone for free.... then thats what I mean. However when a new poster appears and their first post reads something like this..... then I am sure I smell something fishy! Of course I could be reading too much into this... I mean "bean" is used in the singular, not the plural "beans". :grin:
Hm, totaly free coffee? Whilst I like the Idea, I smell a rat. I may be a it synical though as we seem to be getting a lot of offers and thing like this posted here recently.
Its a bit like those "steak-knife" ad's of the 1980's..... "But wait theres more..... if you take your free sample today we will send you at no extra cost a membership plan to our supplying quality roasted coffee plan. Just try your free sample and if you are not satisfied there are no obligations.... but.....hehehehe....we have your email and home address and will bombard you with spam mai and other literature if you don't buy from us"