French Press woes.


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I have recently aquired a brand new french press after my coffee maker took a turn for the worse.

I have this issue though, I made the first cup of coffee from a fresh batch of (pre ground) coffee and it tasted great! Better then my drip ever made.

But since then(one week later) ... I have been completely unable to reproduce the results. I hope it is just the pre ground coffee prematurly going bad. but is there any other reason the coffee would suddenly decide to taste overly bitter and lack the flavor I long for?

Note: using a generic french press, with filtered water each time, and hawaiian hazelnut coffee grinds. I really long for a light hazelnut brew for relaxing sundays.


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Aug 11, 2004
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How do you store your beans? Second get a burr grinder and grind it fresh every time you make coffee. For beans of any type, store in airtight container away from heat, water, and direct sunlight. Don't store with any other beans unless sealed in airtight containers.

The biggest problem I see is that people store beans or grounds in paper bags with other beans in the cupboard. This tends to lead to cross contamination especially if your using flavored beans. Don’t keep beans for more then 2 weeks if you buy them from a roaster. This helps keep your supply fresh. I tend keep only a weeks worth at a time.

Clean your French press after every use. What type of filtered water do you use? Do you filter it, or is it store bought? Make sure your not using soft water.

This may or may not help you.