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I just purchased a French Press but would like to know how to use it for esspresso, example: Bean selection, amout of grinds to put in, how long to brew etc... Anyone know these answers?


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Aug 14, 2003
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You can brew espresso in a press...but it will not be an need an espresso machine to brew an espresso...that sounded right in my head :oops: espresso is a can use anything for espresso(wont always taste good) but you need a machine that will push coffee through the finely ground coffee
Topher is right- bless his soul :grin: . When we roasters roast and then blend coffees together for use in an espresso blend, we are doing so with end goal of the coffee being used in an espresso machine- not a french press, drip machine etc. The espresso process will remove certain oils and aromas during the 25+/- extraction. I am sure Topher spends hours playing around with his blends, grinding them and then pulling shots to get the perfect (well almost perfect :wink: ) espresso! When you use a french press with a coarser grind you will not get anywhere near the same result as you do with an espresso machine. My advice, invest in a small home machine- keep the French press though, it has its uses.