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Jan 3, 2007
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I started a new coffee roasting business from my home. I love what I do, yet do miss the "people" contact - Recently I found out a local coffee house was opening and my name got out , I was contacted and offered a job... (I used to manage a coffee house they found out)

The birthing of my new roasting business came out of the closing of a nice coffee house after a few years in operation. I managed this coffee house and really miss it...I was offered the roaster and beans, start up at my regrets.. however...the new owner has a supplier out of state and has told me that they are not "locked" in to any contract as far as bringing "other" beans in...kinda odd....wondering where I fit in here....makes more sense for me to be the "supplier", non? AFter all, I am LOCAL. This new coffee house would love to have their own label with my beans though - not a prob...a new area , should I expect them to pay more for this or not -

Question...Is this something I, a new roaster, should venture into...have a relationship with a coffee shop by being employed.. ( a pay check would be nice...what should I get paid ? ) perhaps getting my label out there is not a bad motive either.....or should roasthers in the business of coffee roasting just keep to themselves - not strap themselves to anything else , unles s the shop is mine of course... I really can't wait to get my hands on the espresso's been soOOo long...

I'm busy but not that busy..sales are doing better since an article went into the local paper - and I do have so much flexibility.... Would the best arrangement be to have a "contract" agreement, instead of being an employee? ...maybe offering my services (and expertise in making espresso based drinks, etc..) what do any of you think.... not to boast, but I know many people from my previous employement and this could be helpful to this new coffee owner.... thoughts anyone?