Frozen Mochaccinos!!


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Aug 13, 2005
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Hey everyone,

I am a big lover of frozen mochaccinos! I am trying to make them at the house (save me some money!) and I just can't get it right. Does anybody know the best mochaccino mix, or powder, to use to make them as good as the mochaccinos they make in coffee houses such as "Dakota's" and others? Thanks!



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Aug 27, 2005
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Mochachino drinks

Best I've seen is:
Whole Milk
Fry's Cocoa powder
Good Quality Dark Chocolate syrup
Fresh Shot of espresso

Play around with the quanities...but it works out quite well.
Better than a mix. Hopefully your espresso is high quality.


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Jul 3, 2005
Gainesville, GA
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The best way to make frozen coffee drinks at home is to have a Toddy Maker around $30.00 and this will make about 1 gallon of concentrated coffee similiar to chilled espresso, next you need a powder base, I would look at the grocery stores or a gourmet food store and see if they have a Ghirardelli chocolate frappe base or white chocolate frappe powder base, if not you can purchase on the web retail, the best to me are Caffe D Amore Vanilla Freeze and it does a great job of binding everything together. This is what a lot of my customers use in their coffee shops to make signature frozen coffee drinks. If you use a vanilla powder base then you need a great chocolate sauce and no one can beat Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate sauce. It's my favorite.

Basic Recipe for a Mocha Frappe with CDA Vanilla Freeze

1 1/2 scoops powder
16 oz of ice
2 oz of fresh espresso or chilled espresso or toddy
2-4 oz of milk or water (milk makes it richer and creamier) (the amount of milk depends on you ice if it is hard or soft)
1.5 oz of Ghirardelli Dark Choc. Sauce

Makes a 16 oz drink

I hope this helps you, one other option is to use vanilla ice cream and take out the ice.


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Nov 17, 2005
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Easy & inexpensive home recipe for Frozen Mocha

1 scoop van ice cream
couple shots of Choc syrup
a few choc chips
1 shot espresso (coffee if you don't have espresso maker)
1 cup ice
1/2 cup milk
optional - top off w/whipped cream & choc sprinkles (cake section)