Gaggia Carezza 35004 or 35008 Espresso Machine


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Sep 25, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
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I was reading reviews on Amazon and I would like to buy a Gaggia. I read a ''good, bad, and ugly'' list there, as well, and he mentioned both the 35004 and the 35008. They both seem to have exactly the same features, and they look the same, except one is silver, one is white, and the 35004 is $40 cheaper. If anyone can help me decide which, or has any other suggestion on what machine ($250 or under), let me know.

Oh, I am also very new at this (I bought a $60 Krups burnt-concentrated coffee maker (it was supposed to be an espresso maker) about eight months ago), and, on the Gaggia website, it says the Carezza is under manuals. Do I actually have to push down on a tamper (?)?

I feel like an idiot :oops:


just buy the''s a good newbie machine.last years..

if you like shiny plastic..go for it..otherwise models are same.

You need to go and do research dude...type in espresso basics in google.

Your tamping comment was hilarious..thx for the laugh.