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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
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Well I'm glad summer is gone; its still warm here but its gone and it really wasn't that good for business. The Baskin Robbins near us killed us on cold drinks, the two new starbuck drive throughs killed us on hot; and we were lucky to stay even with our May sales all summer long. September was good - I had my first record day late in September since early in May. October is looking better.

So I'm taking out an espresso machine (we operate with two and can get by with one) and adding a freezer (dipping cabinet) and gelato ice cream. Our coffee \ espresso is Italian so why not Italian ice cream. This might be wierd for a drive through location but I've got to try something. We've been breaking even since February of 2005 and I've got to get another little boost in sales to turn a profit? Anyone have any thoughts on Gelato?