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Feb 3, 2007
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Hi all, just joined the forum. I''m trying to get into coffee roasting & whatnot. I''ve roasted some coffes in the oven & suprisingly they came out really good. I''m sure in a real roaster would be better though, which I plan to get soon.
Anyways though I''m looking for good books to read on roasting coffee. Please throw the names at me.

TIA. :)
Ken Davids wrote several excellent coffee books including "Home Roasting". Try his web-site (note that it is NOT thecoffeereview which is a different, virtually irrelevant site), it also has lots of coffee articles.
Usually, his books are also available from scaa, several consultants, some green coffee / home roaster suppliers, Amazon, and e-bay. You may also find Ken's book "Coffee: a guide to buying and brewing" useful. Eventhough it is a couple decades old, the basic tasting, descriptions, and vocabulary is an excellent starting point for a budding coffee connoisseur.
"Roast" magazine is also filled with information.
Search this and several other forums for related topics. Just about everything you will have questions about is already discussed. You may need to be creative with search terms and parameters, since the coffee sites usually will not search for too-common terms (like coffee, espresso and roast).
Enjoy the adventure.
Need help~Professional roasting guide or book

Hi All, We''re thinking about starting a roasting biz. We''ve interviewed a couple of roasters and they seem to know what they are doing BUT i''m curious whether there are any good professional books about coffee roasting out there?? could you please help us out? thanks..
Dear all,

I''m a new member and striving to prepare a small coffee roaster shop. I need some books to guide me through the whole process (green beans selection, roasting, storing, packaging, etc.).

There are two books which I interested in:
- Coffee Technology (by Michael Sivetz)
- Roasting Concepts (training materials from SCAA)

Does anyone have some comments on the books? I try to focus on the roasting process, but from the reviews, Sivetz book is a \"must read\" one.

Need your help guys, thanks in advance.

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