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Feb 2, 2005
Faucett, Missouri
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if i make a cup of fresh roasted coffee will it taste really good or will it taste better if i wait 4 hours or how much longer
and i haven't got a good roaster yet cus of money so i got a cheap hot air popper and it runs until the beans start cracking for the first time will it hurt the beans to wait for the machine to cool off and then start roasting again to get a darker roast
thanks for your input
all will be apreciated

Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
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I dunno about homeroasting ive never done it.
It shouldnt hurt the beans to continue roasting i dont think. They will roast fast from that point so not too much longer.
Once ready wait 24 hours.


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May 31, 2004
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Hmm, I was thinking about this double-roasting idea. I dont think it would be a great idea. Once the beans have cooled (at 1st crack) then you re-heat them, you still gotta get the beans to past 500 degrees to get to 2nd crack, but reheating might ( I think ) start the outside of the bean cooking more and you end up with a burnt outside of the beans before the inside gets time to build up to 500 degrees.
Maybe try using a bit less in your popper ...on the other hand, maybe a bit MORE beans would be better - they might restrict airflow a bit, and make the chamber a bit hotter; experiment with the quantity of beans a bit.

Once again, Sweet Marias come through for the home-roaster:


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Aug 11, 2004
North Georgia, USA
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I re-read this a couple of times and it looks like you have two questions. The answer to the first is that coffee has to de-gas after roasting, so it is better to wait about 8 hrs to 24 hrs. before brewing. Sure, you can brew it straight out of the roaster, but it won't have the same taste as it would if you wait a day or so. I like to think of it as taking time to "season".

Roast On!



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Jan 25, 2005
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Once you've begun roasting it's not a good idea to stop,the roasting process stalls and you'll encounter the problems that Sinister has highlighted.
You can reduce the temperature slightly by using less beans,running your popper on the end of a long extension cable and roasting with the lid off.I used to put a piece of wire mesh over the top to stop the beans escaping,the little devils leap all over the place!
People on other forums (fora?) have posted various modifications you can do,such as removing the thermal cut-out or adding a light dimmer switch to control the voltage/temperature.
Good luck and take care with electrics

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