Gourmet coffee, is it really gourmet?


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Feb 10, 2009
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IS "Gourmet" Coffee Just a marketing scam?

I am an online gourmet coffee website owner and I saw this article, but I don't know if I completely agree with it, to me "gourmet coffee" is coffee that can be flavored but just because it is flavored does not mean that is gourmet. Gourmet coffee is gourmet because it is roasted fresh to order and not vacuum sealed. Many companies market themselves as being "gourmet" but if it is not freshly roasted to order then it is not considered to be Gourmet Coffee...
There were quite a bit of replies on this subject about the word "gourmet" being a gimmick, or being legitimate and thought I'd post it on this forum and ask...

Please let me know what you think...

Gourmet Coffee - What Makes it So Special?
How would you define "gourmet coffee"? We discuss what gives gourmet coffee it's distinction and why you would want to buy it.
Since it's discovery, coffee has been one of the most sought-after drinks on the planet, primarily for it's aromatic flavour and invigorating qualities. Until recently, coffee suppliers offered few alternatives other than your usual, short black, long black, latte, cappuccino, vienna and variations of these. From mild Italian espresso to thick strong Turkish coffee, the choice of flavour was pretty much still coffee with milk and sugar. But today's coffee consumer has become far more sophisticated. Coffee now comes in almost any flavour, strength or combination to please even the most fastidious consumer. No longer are gourmet coffees only set aside for a special occasion, but an growing number of people keep gourmet coffees stocked in their cupboards for any occasion.

So What is Gourmet Coffee Anyway?

Gourmet coffee is simply ordinary coffee to which has been added compatible flavours that actually enhance its coffee aroma and taste. The basic coffee taste, texture, aroma and pick-me-up effect is still there, but with a hint of, let's say, mint, caramel, bacon, vanilla, chocolate or any other tantalizing possibility. Add to that, the subtle differences in flavor and texture of coffee beans from selected areas of the planet with varying climates and elevation and you have the perfect combination for gourmet coffee.This is what gives gourmet coffee its distinction. Most of us have at some time enjoyed that perfect cup of coffee with something to nibble. Perhaps it was choc-mint biscuits, cheesecake, nuts, savoury snacks, pizza or any other imaginable delight. With a gourmet coffee, you can feel like you're enjoying both, without actually consuming the food.

Where Can I Purchase Gourmet Coffee?

Gourmet coffee is available in most grocery stores but the most convenient way to access a wider selection, is to purchase online. Numerous gourmet coffee websites are waiting for you to order from their extended range. Gourmet coffee has become a very popular gift idea. They're great for housewarming parties and are the perfect business gift. Many online suppliers, such as Boca Java, offer gift arrangements which include not only the coffee, but also accessories to add to the appeal. The definition of gourmet is a fine food or drink that has been assessed by a recognized authority to be excellent. Today, the coffee industry is becoming more like the wine industry, where experts put their credibility on the line to evaluate quality. Bottom line is, if they say it's good, it must be good. Gourmet coffee has earned its reputation.

One of the most expensive gourmet coffees, is Jamaican Blue Mountain, mainly because it is so rare due to the effect of uncertain weather conditions on the crops. Its beans are not only used for brewed coffee, but are also the flavor base for the famous Tia Maria coffee liqueur. Most online suppliers of any standing will include Jamaican Blue Mountain on their selection list. The term "gourmet coffee" not only refers to just the coffee beans themselves, but includes all of the aspects, activities, techniques and experience that produces that kind of coffee. From the selection of the beans, the masterful roast, adding unique flavour... to the final product. Gourmet coffee is the result of a complete and specialised process.

Can you smell the aroma now?

By Peter Halpin
Published: 2/15/2008
Re: Gourmet coffee, is it really gourmet coffee?

I think that you're wasting everyone's time dredging up old articles to promote your website and sell crap flavored coffee. Nothing against your coffee in particularly, but any coffee with added flavoring is among the worst of what is available in the specialty market today.
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Re: Gourmet coffee, is it really gourmet coffee?

I was not marketing flavored coffee, but letting everyone know that flavored coffee is not necessarily gourmet coffee and this is not my website I am promoting but an article i saw on google about gourmet coffee, I actually think that this is a topic of interest because it presents the issue of gourmet being over used in the market especially coffee.