Most demanding coffee lovers


Dec 12, 2020
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What kind of coffee machine can deliver gourmet tasting coffee that its so superior to other coffees that it would only be catered to the super rich who have the most finnicky taste? Espresso, cappuccino, latte, ect... for the most demanding coffee lovers. Presentation, preparation, higher end ingredients, ect...
Wealth has nothing to do with taste, more like arrogance and spoiled expectations. Regarding espresso, skill and the coffee being used far outweighs equipment alone. You can have a $50K setup at home and will get swill if you're clueless about the process. You've inquired about this sort of thing previously and the replies will remain the same.
If you get good coffee, a burr grinder, and a digital scale to get your ratio right, just about any machine will brew great coffee. GREAT coffee. And if you don't get good coffee, and you don't buy whole beans and grind them, and if you eyeball the amount of grounds, well then it doesn't matter what brew it in. It may occasionally be ok, but that is likely to be by accident and not repeatable.
I have not had a lot of interaction with the super rich. A little, but not a lot.

My experience leads me to believe that the super rich are not any more appreciative of great coffee than anyone else. My experience is that super rich are generally super productive, and yea coffee gets them going, but in my experience super productive people are thinking of what they need to do next, not savoring the coffee. I am sure there are exceptions, but...

And... I would bet most great coffee is consumed by ordinary folks, not super rich, who are curious and willing to learn, and like the paraphernalia of it all.
Best coffee I ever had was out of cafeteria coffee dispenser in a middle of winter after sleeping in the woods at 35°F. After that cup, my Mr. Coffee machine seemed like a miracle.
Chemex or Pour over with Yirgacheffe or Maragogype from Huehue. freshly roasted within 2 weeks. That is the definition of coffee heaven. (in reasonable cost range)
I do love Yirgacheffe. One of my favorites. And these days i only do pour overs. But a lot of folks with better discernment tham I love espresso in the morning, French Press. All valid. Just a matter of taste.