Gourmet Variety Pack: Latte & Mocha ($12), Mocha ($10)


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Oct 4, 2010
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Get Gourmet Coffee at Half Price - AustintatiousDeals.comTwo Day Sale

Choose between two Gourmet Variety Packs:
Gourmet Variety Pack: Latte & Mocha ($12), Mocha ($10)

That a week's worth of organic gourmet coffee for $12 or less!

Skip the expensive coffee shop and treat yourself to an equally delicious and robust coffee in the comfort of your home,. Austin’s Naked Coffee specializes in bringing the best organic coffee affordably to you without having to sacrifice the flair and flavor of your favorite coffee shop specialties. Forget standing in line waiting for your latte, when you can save 50% on the Gourmet Variety Pack, just $12 for a wide selection of coffee including lattes and mochas. Or choose the Mocha Variety Pack for just $10. Each variety pack comes with two gourmet coffee recipies fit for any talented barista.