Great Coffee but Poor Food Display

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Jun 30, 2010
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Hi from the UK

We all love great coffee but coffee shops often forget about their food display products.

In the UK, food sales are very important while in the US their total ethics on food appears to have a totally different approach. We find it crazy that Starbucks philosophy in the US is not to turn anyone away from their bars. We took images of their customers eating sandwiches purchased from Subway and the homeless and business men in their bars for hours and hours at a time while only purchasing one or two cups of coffee. This would never happen in the UK as food sales are critical too the business.

I actually came across this forum by chance and I have found it very interesting. A lot of people seem to be asking either for help starting a coffee shop or where they can find relevant food display products. In the UK for instance, slate or slate effect products have increasingly become the trend in many areas of display while ticketing is often forgotten.

Dalebrook Supplies are the leading food display/presentation manufacturer and the coffee shop is one area that we specialise in. We do supply the US and North America and please feel free to either contact me or go to our website and click on 'coffee shops and see what we offer.

Our range is vast from cake and muffin displays, tikets pins and clamps right through to risers which will give you an opportunity to create height within your counter display.

If you need any advice on your display then just drop me a note. I am not out to hard sell our products but Dalebrook Supplies have worked with all the major coffee chains in the UK and across the world and we could help you increase your food sales. If you just want advice or a chat on coffee culture than that's fine too.

I look forward to hearing from you.