Great Coffee World, Great Roasters & Who.

Oct 27, 2010
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Our Thanks to All of the Truly Great Roasters !!!

Your time and dedication to your Craft, has brought us out of the Dark ages of Coffee
and Coffee Products.

We Now have so many great verities of this, Our Drink, or is it More,
to some a break in the day, while some, I Got to Have It Now, & the last one is ME.

Our Local Roaster Espresso Primo, who I just met, has a Middle eastern Flair,
our Business Partner has another.

How do You see the Taste Change, by the Region, National style, Personal Selection
of the Roasting Method.

How will the Equipment used in the Roasting Process affect the taste.
And the Bagging quickly, vs waiting.

We will let you know what we are seeing, as we are sure to sample a Lot Quickly,
and will be glad to share any info, as we learn from Yours.

Thanks Rick. :)
Well I'm not a roaster, but do firmly believe in having a very strong working relationship with our roaster. He is always happy to let me sit in on a cupping of his latest batch, is always willing to chat all things coffee and answers all questions I may have and does so quickly.

Recent issue I had was finding a chunk of charred material about to be sucked into the espresso grinder burrs. I snapped a pic of it, asked him what it was. He told me it happens when the roasters are cleaned out and immediately roasted and sent out a replacement bag for my trouble. I don't know if that was the only piece in the beans or if it may have ruined a drink (highly doubt it as things looked/smelled/tasted fine), but nonetheless he made it right!

Another case in point, I just did the usual dose, grind and brew of a batch of Ethiopia Sidamo and noticed it has a very distinct flavor profile of blueberry. Now I have been grinding/brewing the same beans from this batch since I picked it up 2 weeks ago, but it seems as it ages it loses some floral/winey notes and has gained some strong fruity notes, mainly blueberry. I e-mailed him to tell about this recent find and he agreed, saying he thought previous batches were a bit too dark, lightened the roast a tad and that really brought out the blueberry and other sweetness. Then said thanks for all the comments/compliments. Great coffee starts with a great roaster. Then it is up to the user to carry that greatness to the customer. Later!