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Oct 29, 2022
New Mexico
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Hey everyone,

I'm scrapping together a stove top roaster using a glass drum from a BcaBoca 500 I found on ebay for pretty cheap. My plan is to build a box to hold the drum over the flame of my gas range using aluminum sheet and angle for support. It will rest on some bearings that will be bolted to either side of the aluminum box, and hand cranking it for now. I am copying the kaldi design and this generic alibabaish roaster:


here is the kaldi

I have a few questions about designing the frame of the roaster and roast profile with glass vs solid/perforated steel drum.

First, from what I have read and please correct me if I am wrong, the roaster drum can be pretty close to the gas burner. As long as the gas has enough time to completely combust. I am planning on building it around 2-3 inches above the very tip of the flame. Do you think this is too close? Also, I have seen drum roasters angled above the heat source. Is this to get an even roast since the drum is slightly wider than the burner?

Temp curve on a glass vs metal drum, I would imagine, is probably different. I used a whirly pop for a year and right after charge, or dropping the beans, I would shut the heat down and let the stored heat from the roaster dry the beans, hitting the minute-ish mark for drying time. I think the glass will lose heat so quickly I will end up keeping constant heat after charge or turning it down a little. Any thoughts?

I will have more roast profile questions after I build the frame. For now if anyone can make any suggestions or share any experience using glass drums, I would greatly appreciate it. I have to cut it all by hand and I would really like to only do this once.

Thank you and I'll see you around

Post Script: I just got the drum and it is well within the return date, so if this is the absolute wrong approach feel free to say so. I bought this before finding this forum or doing much research. If I could do it over, I would have sourced a steel drum and built some veins. I didn't even think to google diy coffee roaster forum, mistake.


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