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Jun 28, 2006
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hello everybody,
good to be a member on this site. i love coffee and i wouold like to share a discovery that i did. i found that coffee amazing. it is called Sirocco and it is made by Kahwa Coffee Roasting. the website is [removed by moderator], they are located in Florida and it is really rare to fing good coffee in Florida, trust me!!!
that coffee has a smooth taste but still has a lot of body. I recommend to everybody who really likes coffee to try it. I think they also have a good espresso but i do not have a machine.
it is my second point, does anybody know where to get an espresso machine for home not too expensive.
let me know.
thank you



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Jul 19, 2006
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Really Good Coffee in Florida

Okay - There is this roaster in Tampa Florida that is really trying to roast only award winning beans, COE, Best Of... and Q-Auction stuff. They only roast to order, understand roasts, have a passion to educate and have invested in great zip lock bags. Great Blends and Single Orgins including carring a full line of cafe products offing to the public to boot. Some SAT. they have classes teaching about coffee history, blending, roasting and drink prep. I found they from an artical in Tampa the paper. Went to visit and very freindly and they know there stuff. [removed by moderator]

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