Green bean contacts in/around texas


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Feb 20, 2007
San Marcos, TX
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As always, before posting I searched for any information about finding a split bag green coffee broker in the texas/ southwest area.

Now, can anyone help me in getting in contact. I really just want some information now for some future buys. I know nothing about the average price of green beans from a broker, freight charges involved, or even which contacts are the best.

I would love to buy direct from the farm, but my load wouldn't reach that large until later in my life.

Any information helps, opinions help, even assanine comments help. :p

I would be roasting for wholesale, not personal. I have bought green on ebay for my own personal roasting.


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Green Coffee


I´m located in Ecuador South America. We have good arabiga and robusta beans down here. I am currently selling robusta to exporters but want to export myself. How much are you looking to purchase a month? Would you be interested in Ecuadorian Arabiga and or Robusta?

Claudio Ceron