Green Beans

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ElPugDiablo said:
where are you located? It is usually better to find a few close by because freight cost is an important consideration.

I'm located in SW Michigan, about an hour and a half from Chicago.
I forgot to mention that I buy from both cafeimports and bdimports, and think highly of both of them. But this is only my opinion, you need to find out by yourself.

I don't Victor Mondry at all, just have his site in case I need get a different, hopefully bigger, roaster.

How much do you want to buy?? If its just for a home roaster, please don't call the green bean brokers. The reason they like to deal with people who are going to buy 100-150 pound bags and enough to make it worth there time.

I saw your other post, you were looking for a roaster to buy?

I'm a roaster down in the Dallas TX. If you want goto my website look around, call me if you want a small amount of green coffee.

Price: $4.25 per lb for any coffee I have... if you want Kona Peaberry $20.50 per lb green only.