Greetings . . .

Just a post to introduce myself. My name is Jason, and I live in Berkeley, CA with my wife Lynn and our two daughters.

I''m what I consider an \"experienced newbie\" when it comes to espresso machines, having owned a Pavoni Euriopicola for approx. 5 years, followed by two Gaggia Coffee machines for over 20. Then, in the last three years, I''ve acquired a new La Valentina HX, a used Olympia Cafferex (built in 1989), and a new Elektra T1.

When it comes to grinders, I owned an original Kitchen Aid A9 that I inherited from my father (who bought it new in the 1950s), the mandatory Krups blade grinder, a Gaggia MDF, Mazzer Mini, Quick Mill doserless, Nuova Simonelli MCF, and a Cimbali Max Hybrid.

Just because I have some decent equipment doesn''t mean I know how to use them . . . well, I mean, I know how, but that certainly doesn''t mean I know it all. Far from it!

So greetings to all of you, and I''m looking forward to learning more!

Jan 18, 2008
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Well, you won't find me in the "Coffee Machines and Espresso Hardware" section very often,
but I can't resist welcoming a sunny Californian to the forum. 8)

Shadow745 is gonna love this guy's equipment list ....
(he still pm's me once in awhile, just to make sure I'm still using my french press, lol).

Jason (zin1953)....

:D Welcome to Coffeeforums!!! :D


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Yeah a nice list to be sure, but as we all know spro is a combination of good equipment that is properly cared for, knowledge, fresh beans, great water, etc. Without a doubt having fresh roasted beans is really the most important factor IMO. You can have the commercial machine, grinder, etc..... but it won't be worth a crap if you buy 2-3 month old Millstone beans.

To be honest I'd say we are all still learning each and every day. You can always learn from others and IMO you can NEVER read too much either. Later!