Grinder Recommendation


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Don't waste your money. Drop $250 on ebay for a used Mazzer, it doesn't matter what type you get (mini, Jolly, or Super Jolly). Take the burrs out and replace them. Now you will have the best espresso grinder.

For drip coffee, look for a Grindmaster, Bunn, Fetco, or Ditting bulk grinder. They are all pretty much of the same design. Granted I know most people would prefer the Ditting, but that's not the point. Look for a 1 pound coffee grinder. Replace the burrs in it as well.

If you are using either machine for home use and you have replaced the burrs. The machine will out live your life expectancy for grinding purposes!


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May 13, 2005
Portland OR
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I agree with ccafe, and will add the Zassenhaus coffee mill.

I totally think hand grinding is worth it every morning. its a ton cheaper with a ten-year guarantee, tool-grade carbon steel, and precision. the burrs are sharp. you may grind enough coffee in the time it takes to boil the water. Z- has a great rep too amoung coffee geeks.

joel d.
The blades get dull? Yikes. Trade up to a burr grinder. If you're making the leap from blades to burrs, you'll notice a huge difference even without dropping $400 on a mini Mazzer ( had one and sold it - it was overkill for my home use). I'm very happy with a Solis Maestro Plus. There is a lot of control and great consistency for both drip and espresso.

Sure, you could spend more and get even more control and consistency, but if you're currently using blades, you can go 80 percent of the way with 20 percent of the money.