Grocery Store Brand Coffee


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Jul 26, 2007
In a recent TV news cast they claimed an off brand cheaper coffee was as good as Starbucks. This was an off the shelf grocery store brand.

Please help.




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Aug 23, 2007
Oklahoma city
Eight O clock coffee
has a very nutty undertaste and depending on wich roast you get is very delectable.
i recommend the Columbian.
when ever i dont have enouph to buy my local good kind* i go for this kind it is just as good as starbucks but you will still only slightly notice a difference.
great in a press btw and also makes great espresso and cream drinks
it retails for about 3.00- 3.50us a pound.


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Jun 8, 2008
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Eight O' Clock and Green Mountain Roast

Both are selling at the major supermarkets. Peet's, Seattle's Best and Caribou are showing up at the local markets also. Be carefull with the beans in the large plastic shoots. They may have been their since the week of the big bang.


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Aug 11, 2004
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Re: Eight O' Clock and Green Mountain Roast

manual_drip_brewer said:
Be carefull with the beans in the large plastic shoots. They may have been their since the week of the big bang.

That's some oooollllld coffee!

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
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I don't know about "better than Starbucks" but when I was staying in Lafayette, Louisiana, for a few weeks I started drinking Mello Joy coffee from the grocery. This was in my pre-elitist days. Mello Joy was a noticeable improvement over any other can-brand I had tried.

Mello Joy is a regional brand. There are a couple of Mello Joy cafes in Lafayette, too. Pretty good for lunch. The hotshot young Cajun band, the Lost Bayou Ramblers, put out a disc as the Mello Joy Boys in the spirit of old radio shows.

If I were in a position to be drinking sub $4 grocery coffee I would look for Mello Joy.

New Orleans


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Feb 15, 2009
Clewiston, FL
I like the "100% Arabica" stuff in the red can from Walmart as long as it is fresh out of the can or is stored in the freezer. Use "Spring Water" from the store and not unfiltered tap water.

The 8 Oclock is real good, I am not sure about it being better than SB or Mickey Ds but it is certainly "as good". For me I see 3 grades.

1- Real nice, I want more.
2- It isnt lousy but I felt it was substandard in some way.
3- One sip is a nasty suprise and a stinking smell.

I find the nice stuff to be many different impressions that add up to something enjoyable. These are the ones to be savored and not inspected or criticized. The 8 Oclock is there and so are many others including the Walmart mentioned above. I am a sucker for Mr. Donut and Dunkin Donut and Starbucks and The Beanery and one my niehbor blends himself that has 2cc of Hershey baking cocoa per pound (his secret is out). He also puts his coffee in an insulated caraffe and stirs in 2 tbl crushed flax seed and lets it settle to the bottom. It adsorbs what makes coffee bitter it is very oddly effective (don't be the one to taste the used flax seed).

I love coffee