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Feb 2, 2005
Faucett, Missouri
without the portafilter in the grouphead if you hit the brew switch should there be one or two streams of water or should the streams of water be coming down from all around the grouphead
because sometimes mine is all around the grouphead and sometimes only one or two steams and my shots usually lighten quick
any suggestions?
i did notice that the local cafes machine had lots of streams when she hit the brew swith to clean out the grouphead right before she put the pf in place
how can i fix this problem to have multiple streams not just one


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
The water should pool up on the screen and then will form a few streams or may drip. The 1st couple of shots you make may have some steam, especially when the machine has been sitting for more then 10 minutes.

Water is like electricity it will take the least path of resistance. So it will not always flow the same way off the screen in the group. But we do know when the screen starts to get clogged then the water will start to act as if it is under great pressure.

If you are getting steams that are coming out under high pressure with the PF off, take the screen off the group and check to see if it is plugged with coffee.

fred ortiz

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May 30, 2005
your group head needs to be cleaned at least once a day the old coffe sits in the screen the harder it is to get out. try to remove the shower screen and soak in you steam pitcher w/ a little espresso cleaner then rinse thoughly the next moring. DONT FOR GET TO TELL YOUR MORING PERSON TO PUT BACK ON THE SCREENS. just a little bit of and exrta put the screw or bolt back, snug. when the screw por bolt heats up it will tighten itself