Guatemalan coffee farmer & roaster with online sales pro


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Apr 9, 2008
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Hello everyone! I''m a Guatemalan the fifth generation of a coffee producing family (we produce SHB type coffee) and a couple years ago we started a coffee roasting project. Last week I did and finished my online info & coffee-selling webpage ( and I would really like any suggestion or question you might have for me to make it a better site. Besides... it would be nice if anyone can give me ideas on how to do online advertising. Any question or suggestion is more than welcome.


I looked at your website and it is really pretty good. It is to the point and looks like it would be easy to order from. I have a website where I have what I sell on the first page and then have information about some of the farms on my link page. I did it my self and it is not too professional but I am working on it. Check it out.