Hand Grinder for French Press


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I'm looking for a good hand grinder for French press grinding. I already have a Sözen Turkish mill for my Pavoni and a Porlex ceramic-burr mill for my AeroPress, so I'm used to hand grinding. What I'm looking for is something that will grind relatively evenly and without too much dust at a coarse setting. I'm also looking for around a 50g bean capacity and the ability to easily switch from a French press setting to a 2 or 3 cup AeroPress setting, and then back again.

Orphan Espresso's website says the new Peugeot mills they carry are better at coarse grinding than the new Zassenhaus ones. Does anyone know why this may be? Does anyone have any experience with the new Peugeot mills? (Sorry, I'm looking at new mills only, not restored or refurbished ones.)

Barring that, what are some design characteristics that make hand grinders more stable at coarser settings? I've heard that a spring under the bottom burr pushing up may contribute to a more even grind. What are your experiences? What are some things I should look for?


EDIT: I should add that I've already tried my Porlex, but the hopper is too small (only 30g), the grind is not that even, there is too much dust, and it takes too many rotations of the handle. I've also played around with a Hario Skerton and, while the hopper is a good size, it still doesn't grind as evenly as I'm hoping for, and there is a bit too much dust.


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Aug 15, 2005
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To be honest I'd look at a nicely restored hand mill, like the "coffee mills" on OE's site. Older mills will be made from much better materials, especially the burrs. And the really good hand mills, even though used, will be much tighter than the newer mills made with inferior materials. Later!


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Apr 18, 2011
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This hand mill looks neat from a geek/machined parts stand point.

Of course my first question was "Where and how much?"
Check here:
OE PHAROS Hand Coffee Grinder

When on the linked site from a post above I found these:

Hario Skerton vs. Mini Mill - Marketplace • Home-Barista.com

The Mini Mill is very affordable and will be my first choice. The Pharos just looks incredible and will be on my "wish list".