Has anyone come off coffee for 2 weeks and noticed a change?

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May 22, 2005
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I've been reading all this talk about caffeinism, and coffee withdrawal, and all this.

It does seem kinda weird. Its weird, that most of America imbibes caffeine. There is even a book out, that credits alot of economic growth and entreprenuership of America from caffeine...

I mean, no one would really be drinking caffeine, if it weren't for all the ships and planes, that carry the cocoa and coffee and tea from overseas.

I work at a coffeeshop, and sometimes I wonder how much we are all addicted to coffee. I just started drinking more of it, before I would just drink loose leaf tea...good loose leaf, which has a good amount of caffeine in it as well.

Anyways, I realized that I never really have gone more than a few days without caffeine...and I wonder now, am I addicted? I have also being diagnosed with ADD, depression, anxiety, and things like that. From an early age I would always drink soda.

Anyways, my question to you all out there, have anyone purposely stopped all caffeine intake for a period of 2 weeks, to completely withdraw, and compared their mental state of before/after? Could it be possible that life is truly better without caffeine, but we are all addicted to it, that after a few days without, we feel like crap so we just keep drinking it?

I'm contemplating going off for 2 weeks, just to say that I did.

What is kinda scary though, is the more caffeine I drink, the more ambitious I become...so I'm almost potentially setting myself up, to be in a situation, where I probably will NEED caffeine.

I think this is true of America...our lives are fast paced and full, maybe partially because of the energy caffeine gives us... but once you decide to work 60 hour weeks, start a business on the side, and sign up all your kids for after school activities, how can you really go OFF caffeine? I think you have to really kinda change your lifestyle... anyways, can anyone contribute?
This is a good question. I drink between 13-16 cups aday- a mix of single and double shots. My only physical sign of addiction is if I do not have a Doppio before bed, I have nightmares! When I go bush I might have days when I only have 2-3 cups- normally kopi tubruk, not espresso. I dont seem to have problems. Some times I can go 3-4 days with no caffiene at all (ie: tea, coffee, coca cola etc) and feel fine. MAybe my body is just so addled with caffiene it makes no difference any longer!:shock:

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