Has Garanti GT 1500


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May 16, 2005
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Has anyone had any experience with this roaster??

Apparently, this is an electric roaster (Turkish made), 5kg per batch (~20kg/hour) capacity.

I can possibly get it for about $1600 US + shipping. The unit is brand new and comes with grinder too.

Is this a good deal??

I want to start small roasting business in Sydney-Australia and desparately need advice.

Thank you!


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Nov 3, 2004
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Can you get me one at that price? I've never used one personally but I know some that do, great roasters! Make sure you've got support/parts available.
Is it a HGK, HGS or HSR 5k?


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Mar 27, 2005
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i thought they just make gas roasters.......i got a price for a 5kg about 4000 USD + shipping...ant they didn´t wrote which one ( HGK, HGS or HSR 5k)

I´m still waiting for an answer from them....since 2 weeks !

I tried also to find something about a 1500 GT but nothing...it sounds more like a car ;-)

If you have some more informations about electrical roasters (pls just drum) send me some ( i´ve only found the Probat 5)



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Aug 11, 2004
North Georgia, USA
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I think Delaware City sells that roaster, but they modify it before they sell it. Go to eBay - that's their primary Internet outlet. I have not done business with them, so you're on your own.

From what I've read, disasterous shop fires are not uncommon to electric roasters. Granted, roaster fires are not uncommon in the industry, but I would seriously research this before making a decision.

Hey, if you want an electric roaster, check out the javaRoast-CRC! You can get it really cheap on eBay! It is a drum roaster that can roast up to 5lbs of coffee at a time! And since it is a modified Ronco 6000 Pro, you have the Ronco assurance of quality to go with it!


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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Toper...I am going to Boston the first week of August to check out a 60 kilo that is running there...I am in the market for a 120 kilo...will post what I thought when I get back