Heating coil question


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Apr 23, 2004
OK i had the heater coil out of the tank and cleaned it up. I had a guy at work test it for me and he said that it was OK, so i brought in the Thysister (black thing screwed onto the heating coil) and he tested that and he said that it was ok too. So not believing him i put 2 wires into the plug at work and hooked it to the 2 clips on the heater and it started to get hot so i took the wires off. so tonight i have got to the point of hooking all the wires up and had a few problems and still do, but that is another topic... but the pump works great and so does everything else. So i hooked the heating coil up and nothing, so off came all the wires and i hooked the power wire to the switch and from the switch to the heating coil and nothing... and then took off the thysister thing and just wires to the coil plugs and still nothing....... WHY


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Aug 15, 2004
Elmira OR
You didn't mention the unit name but
between the switch and the Heating Element you should have a pressurestat, make sure the voltage is going in and out from it and that you are getting a voltage reading to the HE terminals if not most likeli is the pressurestat, some machines also have termoswitch wire in between and if that's the case it might have pop