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Jul 1, 2022
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Hi! my name is ToastyBean, i love coffee. More than your average coffee lover. I have tried hundres of different beans and now my goal is to start recording them. I am planning to have a massive sheet where every coffee bean ive had will be recorded. I like my coffee black. I perfer the intense tastes of dark roast but any roast is good. I find coffee to be an advanced under rated world of flavor. There are many kinds of coffee and they all have their own unique taste and tones. I look forward to talking to all of you! -ToastyBean
Hello, ToastyBean

I'm CluelessCoffeeGuy and I'm new to coffee. I tried experimenting and found that mixing dark roast and medium roast, both arabica, tastes good.
I thought that I could get the acidity of medium roast that I can't get from dark roast, and I can get the thickness of dark roast that I can't get from medium roast.

Is it a strange thing to do with coffee? Will I be ridiculed for it? lol
Yep, I am a feckless newbie as well. I have been roasting for a couple months now and getting my battle scars and learning a lot from the experience.

Here is a picture of yesterday's roast. It is a Kona Peaberry and a Brazil Peaberry set of roasts. The Brazil was purchased as an inexpesive "training wheels" for learning the differences in how peaberries tend to roast. This is the third batch of the Brazil Peaberry, and the first roast of the Kona Peaberry. I gave the Kona Peaberry a shot after resting 18 hours, but have held off on the Brazil bean cupping.

The Kona Peaberry was cupped alongside a Kona Extra Fancy bean I had roasted a week before. The differences in the two beans/roasts were interesting. (Kona Extra Fancy had big floral character, and a slightly lighter body). The Kona Peaberry had more body and strong notes of Chocolate and Nuts. Both were winners.

I am still trying to build up the "stones" to do my bag of Panama Geisha beans, and the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. Maybe after I have finished my two books from Scott Rao, and one book from Rob Hoos it will give me the confidence to try these beans. This far, every roast has been a lesson, and a progression in skills.


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