Hello from East Anglia! I have a question about coffee at work...


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Sep 9, 2014
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I'm Graeme, and since a trip to NZ about 10yrs ago and having my first flat white, I've been an espresso based coffee freak ever since! I'm lucky to work with a company called Liquidline (liquidiline.co.uk) who supply commericial coffee machines, whom I write news for , guides etc. and also get the odd free bag of beans or machine to try (which still seems a much larger perk to me than it probably should do!).

I would like to get some opinion on coffee at work. The big new thing is to have a bean to cup machine (like the Cafétouch 3700 which does all barista drinks with touchscreen etc) as they create a great aroma, use real beans and milk and just need a button to push. Of course many places still offer filter coffee or bulk coffee or even, dare I say it, instant. What I would like to know is if people have had experience of both and if they have noticed a difference at work? Does a bean to cup machine feel more like a reward to those using it? Does it perk you up more? Or do you get the same impact from any free coffee provided by work? Do we just tell each other that there is a difference?

Any comments would be great, as well as if anyone has an opinion on a coffee item, or potential news story/idea.

Many thanks, and have a great day.