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Nov 15, 2019
Yoe, PA
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Hello coffee people!

We make handmade granola bars and sell primarily in coffee shops on the east coast, NY and PA specifically. We are in shops like Rook and Birch Coffee. We love the coffee shop community and like to keep up with new businesses and trends. We're also looking for feedback from the people who eat and sell our bars. Our facility is located in Yoe, PA. So don't be afraid to ask questions or let us know what you'd like to see from us. Check us out at our website (just lenkabar dot com) if you are not familiar with us. I'll offer a special discount to anyone who wants to order/try our bars from this forum. Just let me know who you are. I'll send you samples too if you're a coffee shop owner looking for new products. Other than that, Lets talk coffee! :mrgreen:


Dan Heisey
Lenka Bar
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The answers!

hello Dan,
I just checked your website. classy and well-done.
I have some questions for you.
1. most of your bars has more than 310 calories per bar which is very high, compared to other similar bars at $150 to 200. bit more explanation on this would be great.

2. it seems like these are organic bars (ingredients). do you have the certificate for all of your materials you are using?

3. I live in L.A. and you are at the opposite side of us. just curious.. how much is the shipping cost per box? to Los Angeles? the bar pricing is reasonable (compared to where I shop, Amazon Prime (shipping free)), so shipping charge might make a big difference.

4. you said that they are all handmade in your facility, but I do not see any videos or photos of your bar making facility in your website.

thanks and hope that you will do good with holiday sales.

1. One of our missions moving forward is developing a bar that is lower in calories and sugar. Our focus was to make the most delicious bar on the market, and our bar is on the larger side of spectrum as far as granola bars go.
2. Our granola is 100% certified organic, but because of some of our ingredients (chocolate chips and other toppings) we can not say our bar is certified organic. We are certified gluten free and certified kosher dairy.
3. Shipping really depends on order quantity because of weight so I do not want to lie and say a number that is not true. We do use whatever is cheaper and offer discounts like free shipping on first orders :).
4. The videos are coming! There are a few pictures on the article (link) written about us in our About Us section of our website. But I am trying to get more customer transparency and interaction. We are a small company! But trying to head in the direction of getting our name and image out all over the country. So stay tuned!

Our bars actually sell for about $3-4 in NYC. They love us and that's because we have been pushing the pavement there for almost 13 years. I know LA is a similar market as far as economics in the area, but we are barely making a dent there. I am trying to make all of our customers (health conscious or not so much) happy and am currently making improvements to show them that we listen and care.

I do appreciate the compliments as well as the inquiry. Anything else I can answer, I will do so gladly.

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thanks for quick and informative reply. I really do appreciate it.
I will place an order now (one box) and can you offer me the free shipping since this is my first order?
I will choose 2 flavor combo pack at $28 (nut & berry + Vanilla espresso) and probably I will pay by paypal if you guys accept this payment.
if I place the order once you confirm this, how long will it take for me to receive it?

PS: my name is Alex Yoon and I work for a specialty coffee farm coop in Guatemala and most of portion of our earning is going to our NGO for helping Guatemala children's education.. facebook.com/ensoluna4kids if you have time, please check it out. thanks a lot.

Yes I can do that for you! I am sorry it took this long to respond, but if you use code ENJOY10 at the point of checkout for 10% off or if you subscribe to our email list you will get a code for free shipping.

I will check out the site and thank you for the good work and contribution to community!

Thank you!
Just a bit of feedback... it would nice to see the ingredients list, etc on the Nutrition page. I see the ingredients when I go look at each individual bar but it's logical to me to find it in the Nutrition section.
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Well I hope you don't go to Costco! I do apologize for the inconvenience. The cpde is supposed to be on the confirm page after you sign up to the email list. Use code Shipping19 if you want free shipping.

Sorry again!
Hey! I like your bars even though I don’t eat them often myself. But my kids are big fans of your production, and I like that we can support local produces.
For some reason, I don’t really like granola bars and prefer either spreadable granola or chips. I usually buy them from https://michelesgranola.com, but it would be great to see these products from you too. I haven’t seen spreadable granola of your brand in any shops so far.
Michele’s ones are fine, and I like that they add nut oil to the spreadable one. And still don’t consume as much granola as my kids do daily. I even need to control them a little more in this regard.
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