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Mar 29, 2009
New Orleans
Long time coffee drinker, first time poster. Sorry, slightly cheesy but I haven't had much coffee yet.

I came across this forum originally because I'm looking for a commercial ice coffee machine for one of my employers, but I also have a coffee blog that I started as a hobby. I really want to go from a guy who likes coffee a lot, to an expert and after doing som reading, I think this site will definitely help.



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May 6, 2009
Hello Everyone,
I found this site when I began researching to open a coffee house at our church. I am the worship director and we started with the idea of having live music on Friday nights with an open forum for local Christian bands to play and also to have an internet cafe set up in an adjacent room with coffee and other refreshments. We would also offer wireless internet and various games,etc.
We then thought that maybe we should open it up to anyone (Christian or not). We want to use this as a way to reach the community and not just "circle the wagons" as it were. Part of my concern though, is in controlling the content of the music.
Have any of you been involved in this type of venue, and if so, can you please offer me some advice.
A valid concern I would guess... however I would like to assume that bands participating in a Christian environment would consider this before launching into a version of Jimmy Pop and the Bloodhound gangs infamous tunes. You might be advised to request a list of songs being played in advance. Ostensibly so you can "plan the program", in reality so you can make sure nothing inappropriate gets played. Again my assumption would be most people would repect the forum in which these evenings are being organised but, in these days and times, you just never know I guess


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May 6, 2009
Thanks, Alun
I appreciate your input. I would like to speak with some others who may have already worked this type of venue in their church building. So, anyone who can help, Thanks!


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Aug 11, 2004
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I have several church based coffee shops and none of them have ever really complained about the music scene. Honestly there are just as many different variety's of Christian music band types floating around out there as non christian bands.

I honestly doubt you'll find to many Christian bands out there performing Lift your head up high (and blow your brains out) by Bloodhound Gang. If you decide to be the booking agent just request that all potential bands send you a demo cd so you can decide if the music content is up your ally.


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Jun 22, 2009
Hi - vemjr53

- I am the manager of Confluence Coffee Shop in Winston Salem NC. We're a non-profit fully operational coffee shop that is owned and operated by The River Church. We'd be happy to offer any assistance that would be beneficial.

We like to describe ourselves not as a "Christian" Coffee shop, but a coffee shop for the entire community, that is owned by christians.

Email me a info[at]confluencecoffee.com


Brian Leimone


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Feb 16, 2007
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I am so glad you responded. I have been meaning to come in but haven't made it yet. I sell green beans to home roasters on line but I live in Clemmons.

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