Help Needed: Ambex YM-10 Gas Pressure Issue


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Apr 26, 2013
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Our ability to maintain temperature in our Ambex keeps dropping on us. We are at the point that we are having to roast smaller batches to hit our profiles. Which is still sometimes difficult. We keep a routine maintenance schedule including deep cleaning. This includes removing and cleaning all nozzles along with full breakdown of the machine. At this point we have changed out our regulator multiple times (two stage). We are pushing the heat wide open at times and made other adjust with air to maintain some consistency. It seems like we are pushing a strong flame but can't seem to get the heat in the drum up enough. Our temperature over time and rate of rise are slowly falling off as we roast each week. Ambex has been great helping us and initially we thought it was the regulator (may still be). Just wanted to see if someone might have some ideas or know of something we may be missing. Thanks in advance, Patrick