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Jan 24, 2005
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I have a HUGE problem!I am from Greece and I want to open a coffee shop.I find your forum very interesting and with a lot of information,but you are all talking about how you can do things in the USA.I'm searching about all this information and statistics for my country,but I can't find anything!!!!Does anyone know any sites about Europe or even better Greece?

PLEASE HELP!!!! :cry:
Luckily my rather mixed background (no comments please) means I have an interest in Greece and a few other Meddittereanean countries. I have some nice usage figures for Greece 2001-2003 (2004 not available yet). Will email it to you. Would suggest you join the SCAE as it is European focused....a nice surprise is that their conference this year is in Athens (March 4-7). The conference includes the usual Euro Barista champs as well as a section on the Greek Specialty Coffee market- (subjects ike how a Small Greek Roaster can survive, Developing a Coffee Menu for the Greek Market, Export Options for Greek Roasters, Grinding for the Greek Market etc). Membership of the SCAE is good value- join up and go along and participate. Good luck :grin:


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Feb 11, 2008
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HI, we are trying to develop our Italian concept in Greece, can you offer us some information about these market? we are also looking for some consultant-acount there.
all the best