Help needed setting up my first coffee shop menu


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Jun 11, 2005
The French Riviera
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Hello everyone

I'm a new member and that's my first post , I always wanted to open a coffee shop , I did own a coffee truck in New York but I have moved to France with my French wife, down here "the French Riviera " it was extremely difficult financial wise for me to achieve that , but finally I have found a store that need some construction work and is close to two high schools
The only problem is that I'm not allowed to install an exhaust system so there shouldn't be any smoke producing cooking process, I will not be able to survive on selling only coffee, need to add some food items like sandwiches , salads , wraps , ….you know the whole deal
Down here the breakfast isn't like the states usually an espresso shot with a croissant should be enough , but any way people don't have another alternative they don't know bagels , they sell here two or three kinds of donuts and of course forget about the eggs and bacon and all these goodies
I'm actually seeking your help as I'm in the process of creating my menu , I need to come up with something really special healthy , light and that I can cook or prepare at my store
I'm allowed to have microwave, waffle iron, panini grill, toaster and I'm thinking about pushing it a little and through in a small convectional oven so I can bake some muffins which are horrible down here
If I introduce espresso based drinks I will be almost the only one in this neighborhood who is doing that here it just an espresso or a café latte not much of a choice beside that I will be serving freshly squeezed fruit juices again no one but me

Can you people help creating up menu items that I can prepare with these few machines that I have

I will really appreciates any thought and ideas

By the way, we are too spoiled in the states


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Jun 10, 2005
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every shop is diff....

i'm not sure if my suggestions will help, but i'll try (only been in the business for the passt 6 months). I was fortunate enough that my coffee shop had an already great menu, but just needed a little tweeking. coming from the restaurant industry, not having a grill, proper oven and exhaust system was hard to get used to in the begining. we do a lot of baking, starting with a variety of muffins and scones baked fresh in the am (fresh is key, nevermind the fact that they don't think twice when grabbing the box of oreo's off the shelf) newho, since my shop is downtown and situated around office buildings, and so on, we offer fairly healthy options. for breakfast we break the typical mould of just a bagel or breakfast wrap and offer a tradional breakfast. Its been catching on esp. on the weekends, but am definately thinking of starting wiht the fruits and granola, which is something i would rather enjoy. it seems like your on the right track what with wraps, paninis, sandwiches done on fresh bakery bread, definately fresh soups are key (we always have two on, one vegetarian, one non). If your around two highschools, you should have a good variety of baking, they don't think twice about eating a brownie for breakfast or just in between classes. nehow i have no clue if what i'm offering is helping, so i'll just stop now, and if i could be at ne assistance let me know.

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