Help on identifying and operation of used steamer + moka pot


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Apr 7, 2023
Victoria, Canada
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Hi, we picked up this moka pot plus steamer unit on FB marketplace recently. It appears to have similar functionality as the more common Bellman. Our objective is to use this when car camping. It is super sturdy and seems well constructed. But there is no branding and even Google image searches don’t help with identification. I’m hoping that someone can help identify the unit. Compared to our moka pots, this is considerably more complex with perforated seals and o-rings around the coffee basket. I attach a few photos. Thanks, Mike


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First attempt at brewing produced a totally mediocre cup of coffee albeit made with year old ground coffee from IKEA. But the basic operation was one of filling to just below the pressure vent blowoff, filling but not packing the coffee basket (per moka pot method), heating until steam was gently exiting the pressure vent.
Opened the brew valve until mostly stopped sputtering. Had to return to stove top to complete the milk steaming. Rather poor foam, even compared to my rather marginal steam performance of my La Pavoni picolla.
Better than gas station coffee at least.