Help - Identify my Moka pot


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Feb 10, 2020
First of all, hello to everyone. I have stumbled upon this forum and can see that it is full of very knowledgeable people!

I am relatively new to brewing but have been using a Cafetière and Aeropress for while with various levels of success....I now have a grinder and will never go back to ground coffee again. I can knock up a decent Americana and espresso type brew and I am more than happy with that.

I recently inherited a Moka pot from a relative and, at first, was completely dumbfounded on how to use it. I’ve researched and I am now quite happy with the brew I can produce (it is still a work in progress) that brew combined with a Ikea milk whizzer has allowed me to produce a very acceptable flat white.

As my pot is quite old (I assume) I was just interested to know if anyone could identify the manufacturer? There are no obvious makers marks apart from a possible symbol on the top of the internal “spout” (probably the incorrect terminology so I apologise in advance), and I’ve done loads of image searches on line without success. The unusual thing about it is the base. Rather than being a single piece of cast metal it seems to have many “rivets” embedded in it (maybe to help heat transfer)? I would really appreciate it if anyone can help. I would like to know who the manufacturer is for spare parts etc.

ill upload some photos to help.



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Jan 19, 2019
It's a moka but not a Bialetti. Bialetti has an octagonal base and the one you have if I'm not wrong is a decagon (10 sided polygon), besides the fact that Bialetti has the octagonal shape all the way to the bottom while yours is circular. The Bialetti shape is patented, that's why other manufacturers make it slightly different. And Bialetti does not have those "rivet" kind things on the bottom.
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Feb 10, 2020
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Thanks for the info everyone. Thanks @ansys on the observation about the number of sides and design of the boiler as that is something that hs stopped me identifying images online. @IFixJura, I have looked at Alessi and although the sides and base look similar the knob on the lid always appears to be next to the handle rather than in the centre like mine. It’s a puzzle and no mistake!


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Feb 28, 2008
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I can understand how you may want to find out more about your inherited Moka pot, but considering it's age and condition, it may be better (and safer) to just keep it as a conversation piece and buy yourself a new one.