Problems with new gasket in my Bialetti 3-cup Moka Pot


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Oct 4, 2021
I’m brand new here, but I wanted to create an account so I could try to help explain the issue of gurgling since several people have said that it doesn’t make sense.
I think the source of the problem is that the steam/vapor pressure, that is required to push the hot water into the tube of the basket and up and eventually out of the boiler and into the coffee chamber, is allowed to escape prior to doing its job. The reason for this, is that the gasket is not making sufficient contact with the boiler/basket connection; therefore, allowing a tiny air gap around the outer rim of the basket. As steam is generated, instead of being forced through the coffee by the gasket, it is allowed to run out the sides of the basket and up and through the strainer and into the upper chamber.

As far as I can tell, there are three things that remedy this:
1. Find a suitable gasket and throw the bad one away. (easier said than done, but I believe the gaskets I received from Amazon were simply outdated/dried up)
2. Tighten the ever loving out of the upper chamber when you brew, and most likely once the seal is used enough, it will eventually reabsorb a suitable amount of water and become a sufficient seal again.
3. Soak your new gasket in ~180°F water for a while before installing it in order to pre-season it. (I haven’t tried this method yet, but it should work given the theory that using the new gasket in the Moka pot a few times should allow it to eventually start working)

Hope this helps someone.


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Apr 3, 2021
The 'over'-tightening of the replacement gasket is only necessary for the first couple of weeks post-installation of a replacement gasket. After that, normal tightening pressure is just fine. I keep my gasket clean, and when necessary (gently) scrape out any accumulated coffee grinds on the gasket itself and in the space between the edge of the gasket and the moka with a dull butter knife. We typically go a year or two between replacements. Spluttering has happened with brand new gaskets purchased directly from a Bialetti shop and older ones we've had stored. Next time I need to change gaskets, I'll give the near-boiling water suggestion a go and report back.


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Dec 23, 2021

I actually had the same problem and was thinking how to solve it as well. Well. Maybe the answer or my solution is quite simple but it helped. If you buy a 3-pack you just put 2 in and problem is solved. That way you also don’t have to turn it so tight (which can be good of course in the first place).

And since bialetti is Italian I assume this is the right way, since Italian don’t them too serious.

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