I found my coffee bean! Yippe!


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Jan 25, 2014
Charlotte, NC
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Finally! I've found the taste profile that I prefer, basic coffee flavor, no notes, no hints, no after taste, just smooth coffee! FYI: Using my ESAM 3300 to make latte's. I had a suspicion they would be making a bean that ran towards my taste. As I originally started out years ago liking Bustello brand which around here is a popular coffee for Lantino/Latina market. Brewed in Moka Pots usually. Any way I also wanted to help the people of PR would have been hurt by the Hurricane. So I bought a two pound bag of Gustos Cafe Premium. I'll write what they say about it on the bag; Class; Specialty grade coffee selected from the best farmers in Puerto Rico, Process; Washed, Profile; Full body, low acid (I agree!), and great aroma (I agree!) for a balanced cup, Size; #17, Altitude 2000 feet, Roast: Medium (which is the preferred roast for my super auto ESAM3300), 100% Arabica. As I stored in pint jars to vacuum seal I made note of the clean beans through out bag, no minced pieces, nothing but whole beans with next to not broken bean. I am such a happy camper now! Probably the first time I can say the smell of the bean duplicates the taste of the espresso. The flavor comes through even if latte milk.