Help Please: Older Vittoria 15kg Questions


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Jun 23, 2020
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Hi all,
ive got the opportunity to buy this older vittoria 15kg roaster. the older gentleman selling it bought it new in 1989 and roast on it in a way that is different from standard today. The burner sits way back behind the roaster and is set to not be adjustable atm for increasing roaster temp according to the owner. im not too sure how easily this type of machine could be modified to profile roast on which is what im only interested in. Does anyone have any experience or advice on what i could do with such a machine, like how versatile could it be made and what can be modified or who should i talk to here in australia etc. i have read that conflicting info on how good these machines are or can be and the limitations of this particular setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated

also its a perforated drum roaster with an external burner and the chaff collector exit goes up through the burner chamber into another afterburner on the wall. So the heat gets recycled back into the drum a little im assuming also. The roaster burner is a lamborghini calorie s.p.a 4pm2 from 1982.

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