Help Please: Troubleshooting Espresso Machine


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Jan 30, 2020
My friend gave me his ostensibly broken espresso machine, with the promise that if I fixed it, I could keep it.
It seemed to be that the pump wasn't working, even though when I turned it on it did make quite a bit of sound.
Then I bumped into this video that showed a way to unseize the pump, I then tried this myself:
The results were as follows:
1-The water did not drain from the group head
2-The water did not seem to be flowing unless I manually inserted it with a syringe
3-Once I'd inject the water manually, the spigot would be able to work

One more thing worth mentioning is that I had previously unfastened the connection between the boiler and the pump, and when I turned on the pump, water still didn't flow.

So with this information, would it be a fair assessment to conclude that the pump is the issue?
Should my next step be to buy a new one?



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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
Solenoid stuck? If it is water will not come out group head. It could be loads of things..sorry if that wasn't helpful.