HELP: Starting a coffee shop


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Oct 22, 2007
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hello everyone,
I am a student, and i am looking to get a coffee shop set up near my school, I have already found a good space for cheap, across the street from the university library. I was probably going to franchise with a company or try to get a license with starbucks. I just wanted a little more information from some people who have already started a coffee business. One of things i wanted to know was approximately how much profit is made on a cup of coffee (revenue minus everything except rent). Thanks in advance.

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
Salt Lake City
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I would say it ranges from $ .80 to $3.00. A wide range, but their are a wide range of business models as well.

The cost between quality and crap may be as much as 4.50 per pound vs 9.00 per pound roasted or $1.20 to $3.40 to $5.00+ green, but the difference in the cost per cup is minimal and because of the quality you can charge far more than the difference in the cost per cup.

So determine your business model and you will be able to determine your profit per cup. If you are serious about opening, you will need to know exactly who/where you will source all of your supplies from and then it's just simple math. There are no easy answers, just lots of hard work... and lot's of caffeinated fun! :-D