Help w Used Grinder Purchase


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Jul 7, 2008
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Hello, I could use some advice. I am in the process of looking for some used equipment for a new coffee shop. I have located two Bunn Grinders (G1 HD) that are claimed to be about 8 years old. They are in storage and are not very clean, suggesting that they might not have been well maintained.

Should the external appearance of the grinders scare me off?

How delicate are the inner workings? If the grinders were not cleaned out before they went into storage, can this cause damage?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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If your going to place your grinders where the customer can see them and they are really banged up then yes you might want to be concerned about it. Otherwise if they are going in a back room for you to see then who cares.

Ideally the person who put the grinders in to storage would have vacuumed all the beans and grinds out first. Maybe even ran some grinder cleaner through the system first. I really wouldn't be to concerned though. I would purchase a new set of burrs and upon installation you can do a thorough cleaning of the main grinder assembly.

About the only other thing that might go wrong would be the power switch or the condenser for the motor might be bad. Their both easy and cheap fixes.

Remember this, Bunn's biggest competitor is themselves. They have more equipment out there that is older then snot and still running like day it left the factory floor.