Help with setting up a Coffee Stand

Java Surfer

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Feb 22, 2007
Fenwick Island, DE
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Is there a book, video or course on setting up a free standing Coffee operation. I have two available locations, both locations are good, but have no water. One is an old ATM with glass vestibule, the other is an old FotoMat booth. They are both walk up locations with good parking, traffic flow and are very close to the main road. I guess I'm looking for more of an operations guide, especially for the espresso drinks. What is the equipment and procedures I need for making a latte in a 6X9 space with no running water. Thanks in advance for your help!~


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Having no water and making only espresso based drinks is really that much of a problem. Where you are going to have issues is making drip coffee and sinks for washing. Your going to need to have a water source very near or your going to require a decent size tank that will be costly as well the space it consumes.

The biggest complaint I hear is hauling water. I seen a lot of kiosks in malls where there is no running water or drain. So they pack in the water via 5 gallon bottle and have 5 - 10 bottles on hand but in storage. Over time it will wear a person down.