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I love Nespresso

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Aug 8, 2009
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Just like to say Hi to everyone here. I would just like to say really nice forum, looks helpful.

I've been drinking and tasting coffee for a good few years now and i enjoy various types and flavours. I recently found Nespresso coffee after watching their T.V ad. I bought my first machine and after a couple of years i still love it. I love the various capsules.

Now though i found that Nespresso themselves aren't that big on press releases and there were know other websites which dedicate themselves to Nespresso, so i thought I'd have a go at making an Unofficial Nespresso blog site which tells more people about what Nespresso are doing (Press Realeses).

I am looking forward to finding some more aspects on the coffee world here though.

Here's the address if anyones interested [removed by Moderator] :)