Hi I am intersted in making espresso


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Apr 6, 2004
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Hi I am glad i found this group. Seems like a lot of good information. I have been considering making my own espresso. I have looked at wholelattelove.com and coffeestuffstore.com and 1stincoffee.com

I am overwhelmed by all the choices and products out there. I do not need the best, but somewhere in the middle range, maybe abour $300-$500 dollars. What machine might be prectical for my house? I think we might drink 20 cups of espresso a day.

What else would i need?

Are the prices at these store good?

thanks you for your help.

PS...We plan to buy ASAP we understand more.

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thank you

I looked at your store. I think those would be pretty big for our house. Are those coffee bars or something?We are looking more at about $300 to maybe $4 or $500 .



The best advice I can give you is to get a good grinder first. Nothing below the Solis Maestro Plus. The Gaggia Baby is a wonderful beginner machine. The combo would be nice together. It will take you some work to get the crema flowing, but keep at it. If you just want something easy, take a look at the Saeco Magic Deluxe. It is a superautomatic, and is currently $450 at www.wholelattelove.com. BTW, WLL will match any competitors price, so I would not use anyone else. I have been brewing for over 6 years now, and I use them exclusively. Not just for the prices, but the expertise and service is TOP NOTCH. You can find comfort in a refurbished machine from WLL. They are warrantied and as good as new. I had a gaggia compact that was refurbished from them. A wonderful little machine. Good luck. Email me at [email protected] if you have anymore questions.
Pillman, do you work for WLL, or have stock in their company???

He does speak some truth. I wouldn't go any cheaper than a Solis Maestro+, but if you want the best espresso for the money, I would not get an automatic machine (ie Magic Deluxe). They don't produce real crema, but rather, frothed coffee.

You have a lot of options at the price range you mentioned. You could even look at a Rancilio Silvia, which, in the internet coffee community, is certainly the most popular machine. You might even find a used one - the silvia makes fanatics out of people, and their owners often upgrade to $1000+ machines.

I'm looking at the innova grinder at espressoparts.com - it's on sale for 169. You should check out the product reviews at www.coffeegeek.com

...or you could buy my Francis X3... it's purdy :)