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May 19, 2008
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Hello all. A friend and I recently got into the coffee business and I just wanted to introduce myself here.

My name is Matt and I am part-owner of the High Brass Coffee Company. We target (no pun intended) hunters, fishermen, and sportsman of all kinds. We have a very good product that we''re both proud of.

I''ve read these forums for quite a while but have never posted. I''ve found a lot of useful information here so, thanks for that.

It has definitely been a learning experience!

Anyway, our website is here if you care to take a look. I would be very interested in getting all of your opinions on it.

I think this could better have gone to the website section of the forum. But it's early in Des Moines, so we understand. Ha.

Matt, I like the hunter's theme, it's unique and the color schemes work well with the scenery and logo, etc. The best part was when the front page loaded, inspired by Nintendo's Duck Hunt?

The logo (CD shaped?) could come down a bit for a full view, that's your logo, your face, your image, it's who you are. You can't even see the "Brass" part of "High Brass Coffee". It shows up a little differently when using Internet Explorer versus Mozilla Firefox. Still, could come down a bit.

Also, is there not a way you can create a link for your cafepress store? It would make things easier for potential customers. As it is now, they'd have to know how to copy and paste it into their browser. Not everyone is used to that.

Cool names: Black Powder Blend and Blaze Orange, etc.

There could be a bit more info on coffee in your website, even a hunting or fishing story related to drinking coffee early in the morning while waiting patiently for that first catch or bite of the day. Also, you could add how you ship your product, do you use USPS, UPS or FedEx?

You might be selling your product short though, check what competitors are charging, I think you'll find you're a little on the low side. If you think your coffee is quality, charge quality.

Oh yes, welcome to the best coffee forum on the web.....
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Thanks a lot for your suggestions. That's the type of input that I'm looking for. The logo is actually the brass end of a shotgun shell and, I agree, it needs to come down on the page a little more.

As for our roaster, we a partnered with a long-time local roaster out of Lynchburg, VA. He does really good work and the coffee is really good.