Hiring and Firing please help


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Apr 25, 2006
JP said:
Don't know how to edit my previous post.

As I finished my last post, I noticed the same employee with a calculator and my receipts at the register.

I don't know if she's working out her tips or what.

She's on lunch now. Think it's time to talk after.

Would appreciate your input.


It could be a few things..

Maybe she rang some stuff in wrong and she wants to void it correctly.
Maybe someone said they gave her a 20 when she thought it was a 10?

Is part of her job, cashing out after a shift?

If part of her job does NOT include cashing out sales after a shift or totaling receipts,
that would get me paranoid and pissed. Why is she totaling your receipts!

I would ask her first before getting worried. It could be a simple explanation.

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