How much to pay for a pound of green beans from Colombia?


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Apr 6, 2008
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Finally discovering a world of vast potential...
How much to expect to pay (in at least 50 pounds in bulk) per pound for good high altitude grown Colombian cofee green beans?
A more specifically demanding oriented question for those who may happen to know:
I will be landing in Bogota, Colombia. Where do I go directly to the source of the finest Coffee not far from the city (and avoid the middle man?)
If the prices are that much different than the city shops and buying it straight from the farmers, I will take the ride...
I thank those who replies in advance...


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Apr 13, 2008
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Have you been in Colombia before? Are you plan to travelling alone?
Money in your wallet in countryside of Colombia it may quite dangerous for your health.
Avoid the middle man...mmmh..not so easy.
If your finance status are strong enough and you are capable to order 20feed container each time there are supplier that may offer honest price.
Someone else may give better suggestion how to get there and find what you are looking for.
Honestly if you are not familiar with this place... attention what you doing.

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