How often do you drink coffee?

This discussion depends very much on what you call a cup. The standard cup for coffee is 6 oz. Most cup and saucer coffee cups are 6 oz. Most coffee mugs are 9 oz or 12 oz. Unless you specify the oz. the number of cups you say doesn't mean much. I make about 60 oz of coffee every day and drink it all. That would be 10 coffee cup cups, or 6-7 small mugs or five regular mugs. 60 oz day in and day out.
If you drink coffee too often and consume it every day many times there is no need to worry. If you like drinking a lot of coffee and don't experience side effects, there's no reason to stop drinking it.
For people who enjoy coffee, there's very little evidence of harm and plenty of evidence of benefits.
4-5 cups a day is just normal for most of people.

So, how often you drink coffee?
On average I have around 2-3 cups a day.
. The better my coffee-making gets, the less I feel a need to drink.
I think there is a lot too this. Drinking coffee is more than just the coffee in the mouth. All the physical activity, like a ritual, is something we crave. Pouring from a carafe and chugging it down can leave one unsatisfied and craving a second or third or fourth. But measuring, grinding, pouring, all that careful activity is a kind of satisfaction itself, and so by the time we drink what we just made we are more satisfied.

Similar to when we eat ribs by hand, we are more satisfied than when scarfing down a hamburger, and then crave a second burger. Cutting, separating, and fiddling with the ribs, maybe dipping in sauce, adds to the satisfaction.

It is a strategy in weight loss, to eat food that takes many steps to prepare and eat - we spend more time interacting with the food and so we are more satisfied with less food.

Well I think so anyway.
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as soon as I wake up at 3 to 3:30am. Keep me regulated and UP for few hours of study in the morning. After that, I grab another cold brew when I study Spanish via Skype with my Spanish teacher in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
How often or how much?

I drink coffee almost continuously throughout the day. Always a cup at my side.

I have measured and it is roughly 60 oz per day, a little more a little less. It depends.